Thursday, 1 April 2010

Golden years? Yeah right!

If you are in your mid thirties then you would possibly be at a stage where you see your family elders growing old. Parents. Grandparents. Ailments. Debilitating at the worst. Scary at the least. Heart wrenching in most cases. You would probably feel it more because this is the time when many of us move out of the more selfish and self obsessed twenties to the domesticated thirties.

There is nothing as painful as to see those who have brought you up, protected you, helped you stand, picked you up, nurtured you, beginning to tremble themselves. Nothing as deadly as to listen to the feeling of doubt in their voices. To detect the hidden fear and anxiety when they talk. To imagine their unsteady steps. To hear about their obstacle ridden lives.

Health ailments are so frustrating. You can't do anything against nature. There are things that even money can't fix. And we are not talking of common colds, the odd bloated feeling or a little pimple here and there. Failing vision, weakening hearts, knees that give away, lungs that refuse to breathe, minds that refuse to remember, hands that refuse to stay still, bodies which refuse to get up ... you just sit and watch. Helpless.

It's even worse if you live in another city. A reality in today's migratory world.

And the amazing thing is that when you call them up, they put their aches and pains behind and enquire about your well being and your life. You always come first to them.

We have some standards to live up to.

Here's to everyone who has a grandparent, parent, family elder suffering. Here's hoping that they get better. That they feel strong. That they sleep well.


k said...

love them while you can

cutting said...

So them while you can. There will be a day when they are just memories in your heart. The best advice someone gave me many years ago was to spend as much time as I can with my parents (I lived in Mumbai and they were in Chandigarh, so I met them twice a year). Life goes on and one learns to live with the memories...

wanderer said...

A twenty an more, it saddens my when the once graceful lady talks of wishing to die soon-a way to assert how frustrated she feels.

A twenty of more, I shudder at the thought that my fathers' health complications are on the rise, and all I an left to do is to console myself as a mute spectator, for I can never overpower the laws of nature...
But for love, the pain can be eased out, to say I care through hug and to drop a smile each time they look at you...can make their closing years a life worthy living...even if you are far away..a call can create wonders just remember to let your smile keep ringing in your voice as long as you talk to them.


The knife said...

Can't think of wiser words. 'spend more time when you can' 'love them while you can', 'keep the smile ringing when you can'

wanderer said...

Indeed...they care for us aloud and we care for them our our actions.