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Netflix with Teddy

My mom in law comes to visit us on weekends. Sometimes we watch TV together at dinner time. 
This is what follows:
1. Vir Das: 
Studied silence from the three of us. Hassan Minhaj's act was more parent friendly IMO. 
Teddy to K the next morning: 'Do you know the name of the writers? They are very good'
2. Crown, episode 1
Teddy at the end: 'Prince Philip toh useless nikhlooj'
PS Parsis do take the affairs of the Royal Family to heart
3. War Machine
At the start of a tense counterinsurgency operation, Teddy: 
'L&T has got the contract to rebuild Afghanistan'
Even Brad Pitt looked startled!
Appendix: We'd started it all with Bourdain's No Reservation which is the least blush worthy of the lot. 
Teddy's response halfway through the show: 
No programme on TV today? I am going to sleep then!