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How green was my Bandra

This is an e that I got from a twitter friend who only DM's or e's me. Interesting perspective

"Really nice to read about your pleasant experiences at good ole Candy's.
I witnessed something peculiar a few days ago - was on my way back
into town, decided to stop at (big) Candy's & buy a cup of coffee to
keep me awake on the drive home.

A young lad, possibly in his late 20s - girlfriend in tow, literally
shouted at the guy behind the counter.

Why? Because they had run out of the items he wanted to order.

Reached a point where I thought he might actually jump over the
counter and molest the staff.

Funny how Bandra has changed. Wasn't like this less than 4 years ago.

Ah well, proof that I am indeed, an old fart.


 K: Well, that makes it two of us.When the crowd at Candies gets too much, I walk away. You can't hang them for their popularity