Sunday, 23 January 2011

How green was my Bandra

This is an e that I got from a twitter friend who only DM's or e's me. Interesting perspective

"Really nice to read about your pleasant experiences at good ole Candy's.
I witnessed something peculiar a few days ago - was on my way back
into town, decided to stop at (big) Candy's & buy a cup of coffee to
keep me awake on the drive home.

A young lad, possibly in his late 20s - girlfriend in tow, literally
shouted at the guy behind the counter.

Why? Because they had run out of the items he wanted to order.

Reached a point where I thought he might actually jump over the
counter and molest the staff.

Funny how Bandra has changed. Wasn't like this less than 4 years ago.

Ah well, proof that I am indeed, an old fart.


 K: Well, that makes it two of us.When the crowd at Candies gets too much, I walk away. You can't hang them for their popularity


IdeaSmith said...

"You can't hang them for their popularity" Maybe not but you do have a right to expect efficient service and a better understanding of stocking, billing, order processing & fulfilment and crowd management.

I've been visiting Candies since 2001 and they haven't changed in any respect. The food tastes good, if you manage to grab something, get it to the notice of the person behind the counter, pay without losing your queue place or your plate or wallet and return with limbs intact. From what I can see, they usually have just one billing counter and multiple order-takers. No wonder there are bottlenecks.

It's been 8 years (that I've known of them, anyway) and they still haven't figured out how to manage their heavy demand? That just tells me they don't give a damn.

The knife said...

Well, I don't think the issue here is as much about Candies as it is about the increasingly short patience level of people. A testimony to our pressure cooker world.

Contrast Goa during winter versus Goa during Diwali or the Christmas & NY weekends

Scarlett said...

I would agree with IdeaSmith here. The Candy's staff is exceptionally inefficient. They don't even make an effort to speed up or streamline things during peak hours - which apparently is all the time. They will be lolling about, chit-chatting or looking lost in general, while patrons battle each other at the counter to make themselves visible to the staff. Much as I love Candy's and their food, their service levels are pathetic.

The knife said...

Guess I lost the plot somewhere. I would have posted this on Finely Chopped if I had meant to write about Candies