Saturday, 27 November 2010

Welcome to the real world

For all the snide remarks about their being a virtual make belief invisible world, I have met some really interesting people, and made some of my best friends of late, thanks to Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and of course something called Orkut.

 I met Shubho who is fairly prominent in Twitter and FB for the first time today. He said the same thing about meeting folks through social media. He was in his 40s and said that he had connected with some wonderful people across age groups.

Some of these 'connections' remain virtual and yet at times more intimate than many acquaintances in the real world. And some cross what my friend, Kaniska, calls the fine line between the real and the virtual world. Yes we  too met thanks to the blog.

And this evening we had dinner with some of my original friends through blogging and another new blogging friend.

This is a social reality of our times. Thank God for that.

So do you draw your sustainable from the 'virtual world'? I believe its not so good for women though as there are a number of weirdos out there, any thoughts?


Pinku said...

:) so u met up with shubho....we have been talking about meeting and catching up for about two years now...though we live in the same city. well almost since we live on two ends of it.

am sure u guys would have had a lot to discuss and chuckle over.

I am happy to see you have been popping up on the favorites list of many of my friends here in Delhi. Becoming quite the celebrity.
I am almost starting to prefer my online friends to the real ones, since i feel the connect here is far more heart to heart than in the real world.

Moonshine said...

I quite like the mix of virtual and real!! In the real world, there are some people I like speaking with and I meet them everyday at work!!

Virtual is where I met you guys!! The people who I knew from before.. virtual makes me connect to them at another level. It is special!! Also I have found so many other people online who I wouldnt have ever met otherwise!

Yes, there are weirdos.. I know one who would keep commenting on my blog.. I just ignored him / trashed his comments and now its stopped thankfully. But its ok.. one weirdo in many friends.. its fine with me! One just needs to be alert.

The knife said...

@Pinku, Moonshine's a bit like this, I had a great set of friends at college. Then we moved out. A great set of friends at work when I moved into Mumbai. Then they moved out, Then marriage and the only people you would meet were at work. It is only in the last three years that I have met some amazing people again. Some like you Pinku who I am yet to meet. And some like Moonshine, whom I 'actually' met for the first time very recently

And Pinku, thanks :)

Scarlett said...

You said it, it's different for women. I'd think twice about meeting men I know through blogging only (you're not part of this group :). I wouldn't meet them unless I was absolutely sure they could be trusted not to turn out to be freaks! And I could never be closer to people I know through the virtual world only, than to people I know personally. I refuse to live my life virtually!!

The knife said...

we're all not that bad Scarlett :P There are a number of women who have met me through social networks :) Er, gotta check what they thing

Scarlett said...

I said you don't belong to that group of men!!!!!

The knife said...

Jokes apart Scarlett, yes I guess women, girls would be getting hit on the net far more often