Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Of sons and mothers

The defining mother son moment of Hindi films of the seventies was Shashi Kapoor telling Bachchan ‘mere paas maa hain’ (Mom’s with me) in 'Deewar'. Nirupa Ray, who played the mother in question, played the same character in a number of other films too. Struggling to put ends meet so that she could bring up Amitabh Bachchan in various movies. Unquestioned devotion to his mother drove the hero and the story of the film.

The recently released Hindi film, ‘Wake up Sid’, showed a very different mother son relation. Supriya Pathak, the mother, was doting and smothering. Ranbir Kapoor, the petulant son. Churlish. Irritated. Snapping at his mother at all points.

Something which would have been unheard of for a hero in the seventies.

Is it becomes the times are different? Is it because we have moved to consumerism from Gandhism?

Or is it because Wake Up Sid was directed by a Bengali? After all Bengali mothers are considered to be amongst the most protective of their sons.

But then are these things culture specific? Are their mothers who don’t dote on their sons? Being a Bengali son I can’t think of such a scenario.

What’s your experience?


Moonshine said...

Last one doesnt hold true.. i think the role of moms / parents have changed so much.. look at a father -daughter relationship or a mom-son relationship now its very different... the respect s still there but the reverence by shutting up when elders speak.. where do u see that now!!! Though the nipa roy bit in hindi movies was always an over exaggeration!!!!!!!!!

Moonshine said...

That was nirupa!!!!!! :)

Its become more playful now.. you find boys / men teasing their moms.. having a random chat.. very different from what existed / was portrayed earlier.. not just among bengalis

Purba said...

Even as a kid I was violently allergic to Nirupa Roy..

My Mom........ah don't even get me started. We are always at loggerheads.

The knife said...

@Moonshine...well we are in less formal times. That applies to the work space too

@Purba: from FB updates of girls when their parents visit I thought girls were the goody goody gender :)