Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Holidays

Out of office replies of offices shut from the 24th of December to 4th, in some cases 12th Jan, have begun to come in from the West. A few months before we begin to get ten day long OOOs from the Far East for the Chinese New Year. And then seven days for Ramadan and 30 half days from the Middle East.

Pity that we don't have the concept of vacations in Corporate India. In fact we are the first to criticise ourselves about the number of holidays that we have. Yet what do our OOOs read like? One day here and at the most a three day weekend there. Even the apocryphal shut down in Calcutta for Durga Puja is actually for three days which could include a weekend too. But then we have made self deprecation a fine art haven't we?

It's sad that life has passed India by.

And thank you Lord Clive for this three day weekend.

Merry Christmas.


Scarlett said...

It's pityful how we treat ourselves when it comes to work. Clients in Europe go for month long summer holidays. In fact, in most European countries emoloyees MUST take one-month paid vacation every year. People in the US & Europe also go on at least a 10 day Christmas-New Years break. And we agree to slog without protest & don't even have a thing to show for it in terms of pay check & standard of living. It's a sad state of affairs & no outsider is going to come & change it for us.

The knife said...

and then they wonder why the work from india looks jaded and templated