Saturday, 21 November 2009

Time heals all? A city in denial

I came upon a very well packaged feature on last year's 2611 terror attacks in Times Now today. It's called 'Those who fought for us'. I got hooked onto Times Now during those horrible days when we were all shaken up.The earnest and passionate coverage of Arnab Goswami and his team struck a chord.

Watching the programme set me thinking.

  • Qasab's still alive. The Arthur Road Jail road block to keep him safe means that he is till a thorn in the flesh of Mumbaikars. As if reading about his giddiness and pleas for biriyani were not enough to make our blood boil
  • The ministers who were sacked after the attacks are back. One in the same post
  • The government has been re-elected at the Centre and the State
  • While the opposition goes about whacking people for calling Mumbai, Bombay. Pity they didn't try beating up the terrorists who were immigrants to Mumbai too
  • Retired cops are probably trying to get book deals by raking up controversy
  • While the SRPF Jawans who are protecting the Gateway to Mumbai have to sleep on the footpath
  • For many the effects of the attacks are traffic jams in Tulsi Pipe Road thanks to naka bandis. Or the irritation of having to get your cell phone checked at Malls
  • While a few have had their lives scarred for ever
  • Mumbai's own Bollywood is addressing the issue of terrorist attacks. In New York City.
  • And marketing teams have ad campaigns ready to ride the memories of the carnage

Bomb Blasts, Train Blasts, 2611 ... I guess there is still some of the famous 'Spirit of Mumbai' left to wash clean our next wound


Tongue Trip said...

for me, its bombay in the heart and on lips but its more out of habit than anything else. a very befitting example to make your point, that of the woman having changed her surname post marriage.
too much of a hullabaloo over to B or not to B.
:) As always enjoyed the pick of subject and like it that you feel inspired to write about current topics of discussions and debates.

The knife said...

Hey Tongue rip, thanks so much for writing in. Flattered as always. I truly feel that folks often miss the point. I guess most of us are busy eking out a living, its the politicians with vested interests who run riot (no pun intended)