Thursday, 26 November 2009

Candle in the wind

Coldly put, Mumbai and Sobo five stars would be the media planner's equivalent of a Times Of India, front page, full page ad.

Since then Maoists have gone on a rampage. The Chinese have put on boots and are walking all over Arunachal. Terrorists at Guwahati are competing with those at Peshawar for the most number of bomb blasts in a day. And Qasab does biriyani reviews in Mumbai.

Our polity fights over what language to swear in. And over who leaked the report of a seventeen year old study. And for three days news channel programmers don't have to think of new themes to cover.

Well at least candle manufacturers will be better off a year after 2611.


Anonymous said...

i've been having terrbily muddled emotions about the media usage of the incident a year later and all the corporates vyying for visibility thrugh association...had stopped watching news and even skipping anything on paper remotely linked with the incident to keep depression at bay.... but yesterday my boss forwarded an ad my company took out yesterday on this and i couldn't work for a couple of hrs just relieving the horror of those days and thanking god for making me unwell so that i din go to leo's for dinner:)Nilakshi

The knife said...

Nilakhsi, wow you were supposed to go to Leos that night? No wonder you are that much more affected. Almost a fresh new life for you :)