Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mumbai Rocks... Metrotwin Mumbai

Hey, this is something very close to my heart and a dream come true for me.

Metro twin is a BA effort to add colour to Mumbai for foreign travellers. I am a strong believer in the tourism potential of Mumbai and India.

A lot of things suck in terms of infrastructure but there's so much to see and do here, there is so much character. We just need to get people excited. We can give tons of popular destinations a run for their money. We can't fix the roads and loos and the Governmental apathy but we can definitely help build the romance of India. The rest will change I am sure.

So please introduce Metrotwin Mumbai to your friends overseas.

Let's spread the Mumbai story.


Tongue Trip said...

if theres anything like blog of substance kind of award then you can have one from me. when everones writing mostly about inane stuff,here you are writing meaningful altruistic posts. :) its inspiring and at the same time a caution and a reminder about so many things we condone.

The knife said...

Hey tongue trip...that's a very very kind and generous comment. Not sure if i deserve it. I just write about things that matter to me. And things i feel bad about. And which are so unnecessary.

I also write on food and travel and have been busy on my other two blogs as I've been travelling for a couple of weeks.

But I seriously belive that we have a lot of potential as a country. Its just that others have shown a focus and drive which I admire, and envy.

Tongue Trip said...

im as jingoistic as one can get but not really able to do as much as i would like to. in the same spirit as that great commercial on tv these days in which the pettifogging indian gets struck on head with a rolled up newspaper by his companion, your blog goes. :) thanks for your visit at my trash. keep inspiring. :) cheers and tata

The knife said...

Ha ha...I am for from jingoistic ... I think I am too easygoing for that :)