Thursday, 18 June 2009

Back in fashion

Chances are that if you blog and read blogs then you have a back problem too. I sincerely hope not. But it seems that anyone who has anything to do with a computer has a back problem these days.

If you don't have a back problem, and I hope you don't, then I can bet my increment this year that you know someone who does (watchers of corporate India would have caught the bitter joke in this sentence).

But seriously, what's with back aches? Everyone seems to have it these days. From serious ones which need surgery or steroid injections to nagging pains which just doesn't seem to go away.

Some attribute it to bad postures or desk jobs. But I am sure that bad postures always existed even if generations claimed that they had a stronger spine. And desk jobs can't be new to what the Brits considered a nation of clerks at one time.

When we were in college and soon after that... bad backs would be associated with the throes of passion. The rare person who had a bad back would be jeered and cheered. But I am not too sure about this hypothesis either. Almost everyone I know has a back problem. While we don't have prying eyes, I would be surprised if there are many Lonely Lotharios or Lady Chatterley's amongst them.

And if you are addicted to writing, then there is nothing worse than a bad back and a stiff neck.


Kirti said...

Microsoft has a built in speech to text converter. You could try that.

On the other hand, I am sure your back problem will mitigate soon. So you can start writing again

The knife said...

I think good old P G Wodehouse had tried dictating books to the secy.

I love the feeling of pounding away on a keyboard. Makes up for all the times I was berated for bad handwriting in school.

Thanks the back is better and I have written through back pains too. Don't tell my physio that

Scarlett said...

One way to prevent back aches, I've been told, is to ensure you get up from your seat often & move about.

The knife said...

Just did that Scarlett and great to have you back at the Coffee House

legallyalien said...

I know what you mean and I am pretty sure my aches and pains can be attributed to my hours on my computer. My shoulders become very tense and I get a stiff neck if I spend too much time at my desk and yes I don't have the world's best posture either.
Hope you're better?

The knife said...

Thanks Legallyalien. Great to hear from you after ages. Yes back's better now... but got a crick in my neck :( And there are so many lovely comments to answer to

Sharmila said...

Oh .. is that why you are out of scene? My chotokaku has a back prob and homeopathy has helped. I think light exercises help too. anyway ... hope you get better soon.
Your food blog needs some drool worthy snaps pronto .. as do we too. Did u evetually make the chorchori (hope commenting on food here is not banned? ) :-)

The knife said...

@Sharmila, thanks for dropping in. Yes, that was part of the reason as I spent most evenings in physiotherapy so didn't seem fair to hit the blog after night. I am trying out homeopathy now...

Comments on food take priority in my world. I tried the palok shobji. Added a bit of sugar and asked my maid to cook it till it was squishy. Added a korola too. tasted nice like a labra. Took it twice to work. Looked grusome though