Sunday, 17 May 2009

Stability rocks

Well the election results are out.

It seems that we will have a fairly dominant ruling party after ages. One might subscribe to part of their policies and not to the others, but overall this should be a good thing. Hopefully the markets and economy will respond well to this and hopefully some things will get done in India for a change. Democracy is fine to a point but one needs some autonomy while leading, in all walks of life. While both the Congress and the BJP have their specific stances, the fact is that practicality rules when it comes to governance so I don't think either would have been disastrous for India. Example of this would be the communist government in Bengal which woos industrialists or the BJP government which never pushed its Ram Mandir stuff when it was ruling the country two elections back.

The other great surprise is the Left losing in West Bengal. I left Bengal a decade back so I don't know whether this would have been a surprise to those who live there. But one can't imagine the Left losing on Bengal. They had such a stranglehold on the state. In fact it was a pollster's dream. I guess it is a bit like the West Indies losing the '83 World Cup.

So let's keep our fingers crossed

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