Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ode to Master T

Under your tough shell lies a frisky soul
Snoozing in a corner when you are alone

You somersault when we are around
Thinking you are Spiderman you try to cross the glass walls

You don't speak a word as you stare into the world
But when we are around, baby you do rock

Your needs are little as are you
Six fish sticks, twice at eight

With your beady eyes you look into mine
God only knows what goes around in your primitive mind

Dunno if you know our days together are numbered
But why think of that while we are together


Scarlett said...

Who's Master T??

The knife said...

a one year old that we are baby sitting for a couple of weeks. Moonshine has the porcelain version of it

Moonshine said...

A ceramic one!!! Its damn cute.. called Oliver!!! :) I can only imagine how cute an actual one would be!!!

The knife said...

he is very cute and all of us, including our maid, are missing him

Moonshine said...

Gone back has it?? Thats sad!!!!