Friday, 1 May 2009

Don't cry for them Kolkata

I never thought I would cheer for Sachin and Jayasurya when they were bashing the Knightriders team at the IPL. Nor did I think I would clap for Yusuf Pathan when he helped the Rajasthan team with the Super Over against Knightriders team.

But I must thank Badshah D@#$% for converting me to a Mumbai Indian fan. And for hating the Knightriders.

First he drops Kolkata from Kolkata Knightriders. He probably thought that his own name was big enough to carry the team. He didn't need Kolkatans by his side. Well he is mistaken. It was the passionate Bengali which made KKR the most successful franchise last time. And dropping Kolkata has got the home city against KR.

And my question is that who gave him the permission to drop 'Kolkata' from the name? Why is this the only IPL team without a regional identity?

And secondly the way he has treated Saurav Ganguly was sickening. It's not that other captains have not been dropped. Dravis, Laxman were removed as captains. But not through a press conference tamasha as it happened for Ganguly.

The fact is that Bengal has only one iconic cricketer, Ganguly. Dildo B@#$%^ and Bhooka Noon's (with apologies to the fake IPL player) shenanigans with Ganguly were sickening and have lost them all respect.

The team seems to be going though the motions now going from one defeat to another. There is no passion or buzz in the players on the field. Nor is there any support for them. KR exists in the IPL for other teams to up their net run rate. They were supposed to send their NPAs back but as of last count the coach and the captain are still there playing fiddle while the team burns.

And last heard, Badhsah D@#$% was trying to make money by what he is actually good at. Dancing at weddings!

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