Saturday, 18 April 2009

Taj Mahal...South Africa's latest attraction

IPL 2 started today.

Two matches. Razzmatazz. An opening ceremony with Zulu dancers. Everyone going gaga over the logistics at South Africa.

To start with a change of scene on telly from Manmohan Singh and Advani expressing their hurt with each other and animated TV panelists dissecting this.

But IPL 2 has been a hot potato so far. Political differences, impatience, inflated egos, the lure of lucre led to its shifting across the hemisphere. Doesn't matter that India, in the process, got clubbed with Pakistan as a place where it is unsafe to play cricket.

Soon after this happened some country refused to come to India to play the Davis Cup! Close to thirteen people come to watch a Davis Cup match in comparison to cricket. But we have layed ourselves bare to potshots from across.

Hopefully the matches will be closer than what we saw on day one.

Matches in South Africa. Captained by foreigners. Coached by foreigners. Wouldn't 'International' be a better word for the I in IPL?

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