Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A little over the top: Billloo hair stylist

I have always given a lot of importance to my barber. The reason's simple. I don't have too much hair. Folks used to point out how thin (patla) it was right from my college days.

I would try to avoid this by standing tall but there would be vulnerable moments when I would be sitting somewhere only to hear some girl squeal, "eeks you are going to become bald soon".

I have tried various places to cut my hair. From the basic salons of Kolkata to the basic ones near Bandra station and the legendary Air Cool at Churchgate, Mumbai. As the years progressed there was less hair to play around with and there was slightly more money in hand. So I have tried a couple of trendier places here in the hope of getting a 'different look'. With barely visible results. Still I give a lot of thought to where to cut my hair.

I also remember my father once explaining to me that the original surgeons in England were barbers. He said that this was the reason why surgeons should technically be referred to as 'Mr' and not 'Dr'.

Therefore the point I am making is that I had no idea that 'barber' was a derogatory word!

But it apparently is as poor Shahrukh Khan found out when some barber's association protested against the word 'barber' in his film 'Billoo Barber".

From what I understand SRK has given and said that he will remove the name. One can argue and say that he shouldn't have given in. If he hadn't, on the other hand, I am sure people would say this is a publicity stunt.

I just think that SRK is probably pissed and doesn't want to get into such a silly thing. At least I wouldn't.

As if we don't have enough real issues in our country!


Shanky said...

Notice how much extra publicity and attention the shaving off the "Barber" is getting him. Maybe its smarter a move than you think.

Scarlett said...

I really believe SRK shouldn't have given in. These groups are formed by a bunch of jobless, publicity-seeking people. And if we continue giving in, they will have their way!

Moonshine said...

i think theres an association for everything!@!! Lift a finger.. and there will turn up some people asking you why etc!!!

The knife said...

Shanky, I wouldn't have thought that a man of food would be so suspicious. But you have a point. The entire thing is so ridiculous that it could be true. Have you seen the movie War Inc?
Scarlett: His reason seemed plausible - getting into a surgery don't want to get involved. Depends on how close he is creatively to the name. For example Q&A doesn't have the magic of Slumdog M. On taking stands I was quite impressed by SRK's response on CNN IBN (?) after 2611 where he used the Koran to rebut the terrorists
@Moonshine: pity there are no associations against paedophilia, wife bashing, etc which get the same attention