Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bra burning 2 - chaddi power

I can't get over the 'pink chaddi protest' on Facebook. In the unlikely even that you haven't heard about it then it is a protest movement where women are sending pink panties on Valentines to the Mr Muthalik and his band of forty brave men who beat up 4 women in a pub for....well for being in a pub.

Who said we don't have a sense of humour? Mr M won't know what hit him. I hope some people are considerate enough to send him thongs. He and his leather pant boys can use them as sling shots. I wonder whether road side shops post 14th February will see a flurry of red panties. After all that's what happens to clothes one gives for flood relief and other government run relief camps.

Just one question to the folks who organised this. Why pink chaddis? I thought red was the colour of Valentines. At least that's what the window display at the lingerie shops at Hill Road, Bandra seem to be screaming out.

I saw a few vox pop comments on the pink chaddi issue in a newspaper. Most were quite excited. But a few, including a couple of girls, said that this was a wrong representation of Indian culture or modernity. Did I miss something? Is wearing underwear against our culture? Or is bringing it out of the closet a problem? Perhaps it should be hidden like paedophilia, wife beating, vote tampering, raping of tourists, corruption and other such aspects our culture

On a serious note I hope that this doesn't take the attention away from what is a really important issue... these hooligans need to be punished by law. There can't be any compromise on that.


Scarlett said...

Pink b/c it's a frivolous color & chaddis b/c they (the group of women that has started the campaign) say that just like love, chaddis are forever! I think it's a brilliant movement!!

The knife said...

I agree. Brilliant. Chaddis are forever? Can be the name of a Desi Bond film

Moonshine said...

BTW do you know the response to this pink chaddi thing... the gentleman says he will gift all of these women saris!!!!

k said...

Though i missed the deadline i was with the movement in spirit every step of the way!