Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Side effects

Surprise surprise but I do occasionally think of things beyond food.

And at times it is difficult to fit these into my food and travel blogs.

So I thought I will start a new blog where I plan to hold forth on anything under the sun. After all that’s what we Bengalis do. Did I say ‘do’? Well we do talk! That’s one thing people can’t take away from us. And we are not known to be modest. So an anonymous blog won’t work for us!

Our addas (chats) over endless cups of tea and tele bhaaja (vegetable fritters) are what we lived on. Till Blogs were invented at least.

I named this Coffee House after the famed Coffee House of College Street. This was the hot spot of endless debates and discussions involving students, unemployed youths, politicians, film makers, writers, poets and philosophers. The scene had shifted to our college canteen by the time I joined Presidency College in 1992. Still Coffee House was the stuff legends were made off.

And why Mumbai? Mumbai’s been my home for the last ten year. I am madly in love with it. Frankly to me Mumbai will always be Bombay. But I thought I will call it Mumbai in deference to my hosts. That’s hardly a price to pay for the wonderful hospitality that I have enjoyed here.

So here’s hoping to many more posts on life and its side effects


Scarlett said...

Though I enjoy your food posts as well, am excited you have this other blog going. Yay! Hope to have happy times reading :)

Moonshine said...

Many many many congratulations!!! Will add it to my list too!!!! :)

One question - how will you get the time to keep 3 blogs going????

But its really cool!!!! :)

RJ said...

Congrats, buddy!!! Hope this one is as successful as the other two. Now, I'll have to follow another blog :)

The knife said...

Hey Scarlett, Moonshine, RJ thanks a ton.

Guess this is a cathartic blog. I was quite peeved with some stupid people right now and dashed off two unrelated posts which helped me let off some steam.

Let's see how long I can continue it before I get beaten up.

Not posting pictures will definitely help.

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - No one is going to beat you up. We live in a democratic country, you have every right to express yourself.

The knife said...

@Scarlett....you seriously believe that we have people in India who give a damn about rights of others? Kalyan